Employee burnout is one of the most talked-about problems in the workplace today. For those of us in the corporate world, we are brought up with a business-centric mindset that encourages long hours and putting the company first. While this attitude may prove fruitful at first, it quickly leads to employee burnout, which drastically reduces employee morale and productivity.

When employees experience burnout, they may become less productive, and they’re also likely to start looking for something new. No matter what they turn to to help with their burnout, it’s bad for business to have either employees that are not productive or having to deal with high turnover rate. Even though there may be some cost involved, it is in a business’s best interest to combat employee burnout and keep their employees happy in the workplace.

As a business owner, you must take actions to stop employee burnout before it becomes a problem. There is nothing wrong with encouraging your employees to work harder to reach goals – you just need to make sure that they’re not constantly putting in so much time that it causes unhealthy levels of stress, and that they can still have a healthy social life. Optimizing your employees’ Work/Life balance is crucial to running your company successfully.

Steps to Prevent Employee Burnout

Here are some tips to help prevent employees from getting burnout:

  1. Encourage Light Exercise – Get your employees to get out and walk and talk.
  2. Try Remote Working – Allowing your employees to work from home on some days can increase productivity and decrease burnout.
  3. Let Employees Take Mental Health Days – High stress and long hours can take a toll on your employees’ mental health. By letting them take mental health days, they can recover and come back even more productive.
  4. Encourage Vacation – Make sure your employees are taking their vacations. Even if they don’t plan a trip, just having the time off is beneficial.
  5. Take Steps to Reduce Stress – Let your employees weigh in on decisions that involve their tasks and workloads.
  6. Get Managers Onboard – Make sure that your managers are properly trained to help spot employee burnout and be proactive.
  7. Give Your Employees Flexibility – Not everyone works the same way. Some people are productive at 8 a.m., some aren’t. Let employees be more flexible with their schedules, and work when they are the most productive.
  8. Encourage Employee Involvement – Give employees a say in workplace decisions. Open the floor to employee suggestions to help improve productivity and reduce burnout.
  9. Promote Employee Positivity – Positivity is infectious. If one of your employees is down, encourage your other employees to help lift their spirits and create a positive workplace.
  10. Enjoy the Little Things – Help make sure that all of your employees feel welcome and want to come in to work. Make sure there is fresh coffee and healthy high-energy snacks, a clean lunchroom, etc.

It’s crucial that you pay close attention to your employees and monitor their mental health. If you have any sort of inkling or hint that they may be approaching burnout, be proactive about it. Encourage a healthy workplace environment and create a company that your employees love to work for. This will increase their productivity and reduce the chance of burnout. Always remember, happy employees are productive employees – if you don’t create a workplace that your employees enjoy, they will only work hard enough to not get fired.

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