Now that 2019 is in full swing and the allure of the holiday spirit is long gone, it may be time to start thinking of changes you might want to make to your home this year. Whether you’re thinking of doing a full remodel or simply adding a few new touches to your kitchen or living room, there are some home renovation trends you may want to consider for before getting started.


If you’re thinking of renovating your home this year but aren’t sure where to start and need some inspiration, here are some renovation trends to look out for that can help you get your creative juices flowing and turn your home into the beautiful masterpiece you have always wanted it to be.


SMART Home Technology

As technology continues to evolve this year, so will its place in the home. 2019 will see an outburst of voice-activated, hands-free technology in many home renovation projects — and there is no doubt that this trend will only continue to grow as the technology evolves. From turning up the heat to playing music, SMART  home technologies are turning common household tasks into automated tasks, making life at home more efficient and productive. There’s no doubting that this type of technology is a force to be reckoned with in household renovation this year.


Big Windows

Open concept layouts have been widely popular trends for years now, and 2019 will see big windows become a part of this growing trend. Not only do larger windows complement open spaces, but they also fill a room with natural lighting while connecting the room with the outdoors. Big windows can also be complemented with unique window treatments that can do wonders for letting a room’s personality shine. Large windows also create a natural and warm environment, open up a room, and create an airy, bright atmosphere.


Window Coverings

Speaking of big windows, window coverings are also going to be a huge trend in 2019. Trendy living room window coverings and window treatments help accentuate a room and add style and personality to large windows. 2019 renovation trends suggest that bright drapes combined with neutral carpets are going to be all the rage in 2019.


Light Wooden Flooring

Lighter wood floors are becoming more and more popular in home renovation projects. 2019 will see a new trend towards warmer floor colors as opposed to cooler colors. If you are considering redoing your floors this year, light wooden floors are the way to go.


Quartz Countertops

Countertops add character and make a statement in any kitchen. 2019 will show a trend of quartz countertops with creative patterns. Quartz resembles stone, marble, and granite, and is best known for its versatility in the kitchen. Quartz is also available in countless different color combinations. If you are considering adding quartz countertops to your kitchen this year, consider warm and neutral colors that warm up your kitchen and create a comfortable, cozy environment.


Warm Colors

2019 will see warm, comforting colors make a comeback in home renovation. Whether you want to warm up your kitchen, bedroom, or living room, a warm color will soften up the room and turn it into a cozy environment. Warm colors are rich, intimate, and relaxing — a growing trend you should look out for this year. You can opt for a warm shade of creamy white as a backdrop for your furniture and decor, or you can consider warm colors like mustard yellow or soft blue. You can even consider making a bold statement with a rich red. If you’re a little weary about painting an entire room red, you can consider painting an accent wall with a warm shade of red. If you want to play on the safer side, you can also go for shades of grey, which can open up a space.


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