Having a great condo corporation manager can help a condominium property achieve its goals, create a budget that meets the needs of the community and board, and communicate efficiently to ensure owners and residents are always up to date. A condo corporation manager also responds to complaints from residents, hires companies or staff to maintain amenities, and more. This is why it is extremely important to hire the right one.

A good condo corporation manager should be able to effectively handle everything they are responsible for. They can help condominium boards in many different ways by ensuring repairs are completed and bills are paid. They can also help build stronger communities and navigate common obstacles condominium boards face.

Here are a few more benefits of a good condo corporation manager.

A Condo Corporation Manager is Responsible for All Condo Operations

A condo corporation manager hires a company or staff to ensure that condominium grounds are clean, residents’ concerns are addressed, the property is maintained, repairs are made, expense fees are paid, and more. All of these responsibilities keep the value of the property up, and also make residents happier.

Financial Management

A condo corporation manager collects maintenance fees and handles all financial management. They create and customize financial reports and also help develop strategies for cost savings while coordinating the budget. Whatever a board’s needs are, a good condo corporation manager will ensure that financial reports are created and customized, staff and vendors are paid, and operating budgets are kept as low as possible. Financial management is a key part of condo operations, and it is crucial to hire a condo corporation manager who carries out all financial responsibilities while adhering to budget, laws, and a board’s needs.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

A good condo corporation manager ensures that the entire condominium is compliant with all laws, guidelines, and regulations. They also ensure that a strong and trusting relationship is maintained with the community.

Community Relations

Condo corporation management gets to know the community and develops a relationship with the people who live there. By getting to know the community, they can easily make decisions which benefit the board and the residents. When a condo manager develops a good relationship with a condo community, the community develops trust in them, knowing that each decision the manager makes is in their best interest. Trust is a crucial part of a condo corporation manager’s role and can help foster strong relationships with both residents and the board.


Good management will also have excellent communication skills with both the condo association and the tenants of the building. This is beneficial and extremely helpful particularly when residents need to communicate repairs, issues, or complaints.

Tips for Hiring a Good Condo Manager

Now that you know how a good condo corporation manager can help, here are some tips on hiring the right one.

Always Do Your Research

Before signing a contract with a condo corporation company, do your homework. Find out if they have a good track record and if they are easy to deal with. When you are in the process of hiring them, evaluate them. Find out their strengths and weaknesses, find out what their systems and processes are, turnover rates, communication skills, and more.

Interview them

Be sure to do a face-to-face interview, which typically should be done at the manager’s office. This will allow you to meet the staff. When you interview them, be sure to set the goals and commitments they will agree on.

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