For a lot of homeowners, the hardest part of any home renovation project isn’t the work itself, it’s finding an experienced and dependable construction company to do the job. Sometimes it seems like the renovation itself couldn’t be any harder than actually finding a competent contractor to hire.

We’ve all heard horror stories before from friends and family member who hired the wrong construction company. The projects always seem to come in way over budget, and way beyond the scheduled end date.

“These types of nightmares can be avoided by making sure that you hire the right contractor,” says Nick Allen, owner of Home Trust Group, one of Toronto’s top high-end renovation companies, “If you make sure to do your research you can avoid all of the hiring hardships that some people face when it comes to finding a construction company.”

Sometimes, even with a good contractor, renovations can be stressful, as you can never be 100% certain that hiccups won’t appear along the way.

“There is always the chance that something can pop up or go wrong,” adds Nick, “In old buildings we sometimes run into mold problems that need to be taken care of, or electrical issues that have to brought up to code. These all cost extra money that can cause stress for the homeowners.”

When hiring a Toronto renovation company, you should know that any contractor you hire will have to hire other companies to take care of some of the work. They’ll need to hire a licensed electrician, and plumber to take care of those parts of the job.

“We have licensed plumbers and electricians that we’ve worked with for years,” says Nick, “We like to keep good working relations with all of our subcontractors to ensure a high quality job for our clients.”

Choosing the best contractor is what will make the difference when it comes to your home renovation project. A good contractor will be able to find a problem and have an answer immediately. A poor contractor will not know what to do, which can lead to lost time and money.

About Home Trust Group:

Home Trust Group is an innovative, full service design/build & construction firm based in Toronto, specializing in residential clients across Oakville, Toronto and Mississauga but are happy to take on your project across the GTA. With decades of construction management experience on a wide variety of residential projects, we offer a strong design aesthetic, invaluable insight, vast resources and craftsman that exceed client expectations.