Do you have an elderly loved one with mobility issues or chronic illness? If you do, you may be considering long term care facilities or a nursing home. One great alternative to those options, though, is in-home nursing.

In-home nurses provide medical care and assistance to patients from the comfort of their own home. They also help elderly seniors who are ill or have lost mobility. Many families decide to choose in-home nurses as opposed to nursing homes or long term care facilities because not only are they more affordable, but they also allow seniors to feel more independent.

If you have an elderly family member or loved one who is ill or has lost mobility and/or cognitive function, it may be time to start considering alternative forms of health care, particularly if you are no longer able to provide them with adequate care yourself.

In-home nurses can help seniors in many ways and are considered better alternatives to long term care facilities and nursing homes for many reasons.

Here are a few ways in-home nurses can help seniors.

They Provide Medical Treatment

In-home nurses are qualified to provide medical treatment to their patients. This assistance includes administering medications and injections, caring for patients with health conditions including diabetes, respiratory issues and more, dressing injuries, and helping those who are cognitively impaired, chronically ill, or disabled.

Assist With Activities of Daily Living

If a senior needs more than just medical care and has mobility issues, in-home nurses can help with activities of daily living. These types of activities include self-feeding, helping them move from one place to another, dressing, personal hygiene, feeding, bathing, showering, and more. If you have a loved one who needs help with these types of activities, it may be time to consider hiring an in-home nurse.


In-home nurses can also provide companionship to seniors. They allow elderly people to maintain their sense of independence while providing them with medical care and assistance in the comfort of their own home. Companionship and social interaction with others are key factors which can help seniors stay active and mentally healthy, and in-home nurses not only provide medical assistance, but also help people feel less lonely and more independent. This can help them in recovery or as they deal with their own medical conditions.

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