, one of Toronto’s top mold inspection and removal companies, gives their advice on how you can best prepare your property for the Spring thaw to avoid any water damage and incurring mold.

Toronto, ON – With the warmer weather in Spring comes the big Winter melt off. When all the snow and ice that has been building up for months finally begins to thaw and melt away. Although this is most often a happy time of year for most,, a Toronto based mold inspection and removal company, is reminding home owners to make sure to properly prepare their homes. Spring thaws can lead to heavy water flow toward buildings and foundations, so property owners should always be prepared so they can minimize any water damage and prevent mold issues.

“Every year we like to remind people that they can take the appropriate measures to help reduce any water damage their home may be susceptible to,” says Indira Sukhdeo of, “There are several easy steps for home owners to remember to help alleviate water build up and reduce the chance of mold.” recommends the following for home owners every year to help remove the risk of any potential water damage to their property:

  1. Keep Gutters Clean – This is such a simple step that can make a huge difference. By keeping your gutters and eaves clean you can make sure that water is running safely off your roof and away from your home and foundation.
  2. Clear Snow from around House – Although no one likes to go out and remove snow from around the house, it can make a big difference when it comes to water seepage. The more snow your clear, the less there is to melt and seep into your foundation.
  3. Repair Foundation Cracks – This is a big one. If you notice cracks in your foundation, make sure to have them properly filled and fixed before the winter comes. If water gets in these cracks and freezes, it can cause an expansion and lead to much bigger problems.
  4. Grading/Direct Water Away – If you’re having a new driveway installed or doing any landscaping around your house, it’s very important to take the grading of the land into consideration. By making sure that all of the grading around your house is running away from the building you can reduce any chance at water damage.
  5. Properly Vent Your Roof – If your roof is not properly vented, a lot of heat will be trapped in the attic over the winter. These leads to ice build up on the roof – and since ice is much more dense than snow, when the Spring thaw comes there will be much more water running off of your roof. If you keep your roof properly vented you’ll avoid this ice build up and the problems that it can cause.

If homeowners make sure to follow these tasks they should have no problem with water seepage and damage with their homes.

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