You’re not going to land every role you audition for. Just try, and try again. Let every audition be an opportunity to improve your voice.

If you’re a voice artist, you have probably completed your fair share of auditions. You’re also probably all too familiar with all the emotions and feelings that come out of doing auditions: the nerves, the fear, the uncertainty. It can be nerve wracking and even demoralizing, especially if you find yourself facing constant rejection. If you are struggling with auditions and are trying to improve your voice for your next gig, you’ve reached the right place.

If you want to succeed and land more parts that you are auditioning for, you may find these tips helpful.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before auditioning, be sure to practice the script. It is absolutely crucial to familiarize yourself with a script before an audition. You don’t need to read the entire script, but read through parts of it so that you know what the script is all about. Interpret the script in your own way and use this interpretation to improve your audition using different techniques, tones, and voices. By focusing on the copy, you can better understand where to take certain pauses, where to amplify your voice, and where to take it a bit easier.

Take the time to understand the product or character, who the script is targeting, the script’s purpose, and so on. This will help give you an authentic performance. Ask yourself basic questions about the script: what is the script about? What words need to be emphasized? Don’t just wing it. Throw yourself into the script and become an extension of the script. This will give you a huge leg up on the other voice artists auditioning for the same part.

Don’t Forget to Warm Up

It is critical to warm up before an audition. This means practicing the script beforehand, staying hydrated, and warming up your voice. Try to warm up at least an hour before the audition. Loosen up your vocal cords, do breathing exercises, vocal scales, and prepare yourself mentally.

Be Energetic

Most voice artists know that there is so much more to a good voice over than just reading the script. Every single word you say has to have emphasis – it has to have energy. Breathe life into every single word, regardless of what the word is. Let your energy shine through your voice.

Practice Deep Breathing Exercises

Learning how to control your breathing during a voice over is crucial to a successful audition. Practice diaphragm breathing to amplify your voice and keep it steady. You can also consider other breathing exercises like meditation, which helps people focus on breathing, calms them down, and can help them get into character.

Stay Hydrated

Be sure to keep yourself hydrated before an audition, as a dry mouth can make your voice hoarse. Staying hydrated will lubricate your vocal cords so that your voice is in tip top shape for the audition.

Never Give Up

You’re not going to land every role you audition for. Don’t let this discourage you. Just try, and try again. Let every audition be an opportunity to improve your voice. Remember: even the most famous of voice artists have been rejected throughout their careers – multiple times.

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