The Homestead Tofino, a health and wellness retreat in Tofino, BC, talks about taking care of the caregivers, doctors, health care providers, and the patients.

TOFINO, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – When it comes to demanding jobs, few have it harder than physicians and surgeons. While physicians and surgeons are highly respected members of society known for their dedication and working long hours, they are human after all. The human body and mind can only take so much stress before mental resiliency and physical health begins to suffer. The emotional and physical strains that health care providers face on a day to day basis is testing an increasing amount of health care workers. The Homestead Tofinopromotes effective ways to alleviate stress so health care providers can continue to perform at their best.

Think about it, day in and day out having the job to save lives by performing complicated diagnostics, procedures or surgeries. All of this can cause mental anguish or physical maladies and physicians need to be able to remedy their stress. When the average person is feeling off, or has a bad day at work, the consequences are less significant. When a surgeon is not performing at 100%, people’s health and even lives are at stake.

“Physician burnout is a real danger, and like all conditions it needs to be addressed and not ignored, prevention through learning such techniques as mindfulness-based stress reduction are effective,” says Cheryl Duffy, of The Homestead Tofino, “We provide physician burnout prevention retreats that focus on the neuroscience of mental wellness with the expert guidance of Dr. Love”

Dr. M. Love founded and directed the medically accredited talk series Brain Talks at UBC, trained in mindfulness and neuroimaging research, and received awards for her contributions to the medical community. She seeks excellence on all levels of who you are and is deeply curious to help you step into the life you truly love. Wellness retreats provide the perfect setting and opportunity for doctors to be able to set the foundation to bring their level of practice to new heights. The Homestead Tofino offers you a personalized and distinct experience to refine your lifestyle and career goals.

About The Homestead Tofino:

The Homestead is located in Tofino, BC, nestled into the coast with a beautiful ocean front view. The wilderness provides the perfect setting for a wellness retreat to help guests reconnect with nature, center themselves and renew their purpose. They provide a quality service in health and wellness retreats, not all are physician focused. Whether you are looking for a fitness retreat, want to focus on nutrition, or just looking to get back into a positive and healthy routine The Homestead has a fun and adventurous vacation for you.