With the Ontario Government considering closing safe injection sites, Another Road Recovery provides their opinion on the necessity of the overdose prevention campaign.


Toronto, ON. – The current Ontario provincial government, under Premiere Doug Ford, is looking into the possibility of shutting down the safe injection sites that are currently across Ontario. These sites, also referred to as overdose prevention sites, are a life saving measure that have helped many a drug addict avoid overdosing and seek help and treatment for their illness.

Most drug users often turn to abusing illegal substances as a coping mechanism. This can be derived from using doctor prescribed pain medication, and becoming addicted, or from individuals seeking to alleviate stress or suppress painful memories or abuse.

The Ontario PC government hasn’t made up it’s mind just yet, as they are still going over both sides of the debate. They are set to reach a conclusion in the upcoming weeks, and most of those in the health care industry are hoping that the government will allow overdoes prevention sites to remain open to help those in need.