Poetry Immortal, an online encyclopedia of famous poets and their works, has launched their new multilingual website.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA – Poetry Immortal, an online poet encyclopedia and resource, has just launched their new website. This website provides a comprehensive collection of famous poets and their works, all in multiple languages with English translations. This poetry website provides a useful resource for students and for poetry enthusiasts alike.

“We’re very excited about the launch of our new website,” says Chris, the owner of Poetry Immortal, “We’re very passionate about famous historical poets and their work, so it feels great to be able to share these resources with the world.”

In addition to the expansive database of poets and poetry works, Poetry Immortal also offers intriguing blog posts that inspire thought-provoking reads.

“Our blog section is dedicated to inspire current poets and ignite their passion for writing,” adds Chris, “But also to provide insight into historical poetry for new and aspiring poets.”

Poetry Immortal currently has a collection of 125 historical poets, from eight different historical nationalities including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Greek, Roman & American poets. In regard to individual poems and written pieces, there are hundreds to choose from and read within Poetry Immortal’s vast collection.

About Poetry Immortal:

Poetry Immortal is a Canadian based online encyclopedia highlighting various poets and their works through history. The large collection of written works includes poems and poets of various nationalities and in multiple languages. For English readers with an interest in international poets, the website operators provide very useful translates for any poem into English for the reader. The online collection of historical poems and poet directory will continually be updated, as well with the thought-provoking blog. Poetry Immortal is a must-read website for any poem enthusiast or aspiring poet.