While many people in Ontario have been laid off over the past couple of months, Personal Support Workers (PSWs) in Ontario have been working harder than ever. The Coronavirus has hit every industry differently, and for medical and support workers it has made their jobs not only harder, but also much more dangerous. These courageous people are now working longer hours, seeing more patients, all while exposing themselves to infection.

Personal Support Workers and those working in long-term care facilities have always had difficult jobs. While they may not be seen as the most glorious of jobs, PSWs are an imperative part of our society who look after the sick, injured, and elderly, ensuring that they get the care that they need. As a society, we owe PSWs a lot – they do a job that not many others would, and often do it with a smile.

As COVID-19 has taken a hold of our society over the past few months, we have seen many industries shut down due to the social isolation. We have all been told to keep our distance from others, and just to stay at home with our families. PSWs are not getting that luxury right now. They are having to spend time away from their families and put themselves at risk to continue to care for their patients. So, at this time when others aren’t able to work, these support workers are working harder than ever while endangering themselves.

PSWs in Ontario should have our praise and our thanks for the tireless work that they are putting in. Ontario is now putting in legislation to make sure that PSWs are being compensated for the additional workload and danger that they are being put in, and the population is really starting to see PSWs in a new light. They are recognizing the hard work that these people put in day in and day out, and are seeing that a career as a PSW should be viewed as a prestigious and valued one.

May 19th has been dedicated as Personal Support Worker Day, and this one should be momentous. Make sure to thank your local PSWs for the hard work that they have been putting in, and will continue to do to keep our sick, injured, and elderly safe and cared for.

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