Poetry Immortal, an online poetry encyclopedia, discusses the benefits of reading poetry.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA – Poetry Immortal, an online resource of the classics, seeks to spread the word on the value of reading poetry.

The tragic decline of interest in classic poetry over the last few decades is a reflection of darkening society as a whole, as the standards of art diminish and many have lost faith in the divinity of beauty and in the Infinite Divine itself. Yet in reading the great poets of history, in taking the time to appreciate this venerable art form, we have the chance to discover glorious beauty, to find those uplifting moments of the sublime. While so-called postmodernist poetry seems to leave many in a nihilistic abyss, the revered classics and cherished greats can bring new light into our lives, provoking higher contemplation and enriching the soul.

Poetry offers incredible benefits to students. Classic poems can provide new perspectives on existence, offering wisdom, imaginative power and a high artistic standard. Reading poetry naturally improves language skills, as readers decipher meaning, uncover metaphors and recognize allusions, while encountering various linguistic challenges. Multiple interpretations of a work can stimulate deep analysis and debate. Furthermore, students can tackle the various philosophical positions of poems, comparing the thought of different poets and exploring profound ideas.

Reading poetry also leads to improved writing ability, as vocabulary rises and the various complexities of language become visible. Poetry opens the mind to new possibilities, to the richness of language, to the potentialities of syntax and style. And engaging with the wondrous realm of poetry can inspire and stimulate the imagination.

Poetry is a sacred art which offers great rewards to its readers. Individuals suffering through emotional pain can relate to the suffering of classic poets and find new strength and solace. Great poetry truly heals. Turning to Virgil and Dante, to Keats and Wordsworth can be a truly life-transforming experience. We turn to poetry for its beauty, as it resonates on a deeper level and continues to inspire.

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