Brainy Bytes, a Georgia based STEM franchise modeled business, is reporting continued growth alongside with the global private education market.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES – Brainy Bytes, a private education business that focuses on STEM-themed (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) camps, classes and parties, has been seeing steady growth over the past few years. This follows the global trend of an increasing private education market. With governments making larger cuts and regulations to education spending, the private education market has been striving to fill the gap.

In 2018, seeing this growth potential, Brainy Bytes began to market their licensing opportunity nation-wide. This provided a proven business plan for other entrepreneurial driven families to introduce unique, innovative classes in robotics, programming, engineering, game creation, movie making, 3D animation/printing, and more to children 5 and up in their communities.

“When we set out to make it available to others, we focused on keeping the opportunity attainable for a wide range of families. This meant keeping the cost down while still offering uncompromised support. Licensing allowed us to keep your start-up cost to a minimum.” says Ena Hackaday, Brainy Bytes founder and owner.

The growing trend in the private education market, especially in the United States, is caused by a number of external factors. One of the largest contributing factors, though, is the defunding of public education. This is causing parents to turn to private education to ensure that their children are still getting the education that they need. STEM camps and parties allow children the opportunity to get the additional schooling they want and need, without having to miss their standard classes.

In most cases, private education stats show that private education and extracurricular activities help students get further ahead career-wise. However, there is often a price barrier for parents to send their children to private schools. This is where STEM-themed camps and courses play a huge role in the growing education market. There is a large demand for lower-priced private education options.

About Brainy Bytes

Brainy Bytes is an Atlanta, Georgia based company focused on further childhood education in the STEM sectors. They not only run STEM-themed camps but also after school programs, educational birthday parties and more. Their team has extensive knowledge in the fields of curriculum writing, technology and education, which allows them to provide excellent course programming to help nurture a child’s interest in science and technology, and help foster further involvement while making it fun for the kids.