Most people think that CPR training and first aid certification is only required in the medical field, but that’s not the truth! In fact, you may be surprised to find out that there are all sorts of jobs and careers out there that require CPR training.

CPR is an invaluable life saving technique that people can use in emergency situations such as cardiac arrest, drowning, choking, and more. This is why it is such a great life skill to learn, and is also why many different jobs require CPR training.

Here are 6 surprising jobs that require CPR training.

1. Coaches and Personal Trainers

When someone experiences cardiac arrest, performing CPR significantly improves their chances of survival. Anyone can experience cardiac arrest (even young children and young adults). If an athlete ever experiences cardiac arrest or requires emergency CPR or first aid, it is a coach’s/personal trainer’s responsibility to be able to perform the necessary life saving technique.

2. Firefighter

A firefighter’s job often puts him or her in life or death situations, and some of these situations may involve victims who are unable to breathe or need emergency CPR. This is why it is crucial for a firefighter to know CPR and other forms of first aid training/certification.

3. Construction Worker

People in construction often work with complex machinery and have very physically demanding jobs. Certain conditions and work environments can put their safety at risk, which is why knowing CPR is critical. You never know what can happen on a construction site when there is complex machinery and other dangers involved. Knowing CPR can help save a life in the event that someone gets injured, stops breathing, or more.

4. Child Care Provider

Child care providers are responsible for children’s lives when they are taking care of them, and infants and children can be at risk for choking in the most unexpected of circumstances. This is why anyone who provides child care must have CPR training and first aid training. You just never know when someone may need emergency health care, and being trained in it can save a child’s life.

5.  Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are one of the few staff members available on a flight. They are responsible for taking the right steps in the event of an emergency on a flight, including knowing CPR if someone experiences cardiac arrest or any other health emergency.

6. Server

In environments like restaurants, where there are large groups of people, there is always the possibility that an emergency health situation such as choking, falling, or cardiac arrest can occur. It is extremely important to have CPR and first aid knowledge when working in the food and beverage industry for this reason.

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