In the wake of COVID-19, we’ve been paying close attention to make sure that we’re washing our hands, and keeping our cars and houses cleaned and sanitized. We’re wiping down our doorknobs, car doors, and more – but what abut our carpets? Carpets can hold onto bacteria and viruses for days and vacuuming them alone won’t help.

Carpets need to be steam cleaned and sanitized to make sure that any allergens or bacteria are fully cleaned out them. This will help improve air quality in the room and can help improve the health of everyone in the room as well. This is especially important for office spaces where there are so many new people who come in and out of the space every day.

When businesses open back up after the COVID-19 lock down in Ontario, it will be very important for the businesses to have their carpets completely cleaned and sanitized to ensure the safety of their employees.

As businesses reopen in Ontario, and across Canada after the COVID-19 lockdown is removed, people will hopefully be forever more vigilante when it comes to keeping their offices and homes sanitized. Getting office carpets professionally cleaned and sanitized should become much more frequent to help keep the air quality of the office space better and to help the employees’ health as well.