Being able to voice in a variety of jobs can give you a leg up on the competition.

There are many different voice over acting jobs that voice artists can do, and the best voice artists are able to work in a variety of these jobs. In fact, it is in a voice artist’s best interests to ensure that they don’t pigeonhole themselves in one area of voice work, as this can significantly affect their chances of landing different jobs in the future.

Being able to voice in a variety of jobs can give a voice artist a leg up on their competition, which is why it is good to familiarize yourself with the different types of projects voice artists can do.

Here are some of the most common voice over acting jobs.

Animation (TV or Movie)

Animation is the most common type of voice over acting. From television shows to movies, animation roles are among the most popular jobs completed by voice actors. These roles can include cartoons for kids, anime, adult television shows/movies, and more. Some of the most famous voice artists around the world make millions of dollars voicing for animations. It can be difficult landing a role for a big animation without the right experience, although there are all sorts of smaller animation gigs lesser known voice artists can do to enhance their portfolio.


Voice artists narrate scenes during commercials, which is a great way to explain a particular product or service and get its message across. Commercials require voice artists that have clear, enthusiastic, and energetic voices which can provide information about a certain product or service in a clear and coherent manner. Professional voice artists make a large deal of their money from commercials, which are not as competitive as bigger animation roles.


Documentary voice artists require a special type of cadence, pronunciation, and tone which are unique to documentaries. Such examples include documentaries like Planet Earth, crime television shows, and more. Documentaries usually require expert voice artists who have experience in cadence and pronunciation. Typically only extremely experienced voice artists land these types of roles.

Video Games

Video games require voice talent that brings characters to life – much like an animated television show or film. Video game voice actors have to really understand the video game and the character they are portraying in order to really become the character. Video game fans, like animation fans, can tend to be very critical of the people voicing their favorite characters. This is why it is crucial for a voice artist to get to know the character and the video game itself when auditioning for this type of role.

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