Being a voice artist isn’t easy. You have to deal with auditions, rejection, training, and more. This is particularly true for animation voice over work. It’s not easy to land an animation job, and lots of voice actors struggle with it. If you’re one of those people, here are some tips that might help you land your next animation audition.

1. Develop (and Practice) Your skills.

Animation voice overs are a specialist area. In fact, animation voice overs are some of the hardest projects voice artists do. It takes a lot of training and practice. Not only do animations require the right vocal skills, but they also require true character development. A vocal artist doing animation really has to become the character and understand the character on every level. This takes skill and practice.

Another key component of voice acting for animations is being able to perform several different types of animation voices. It is absolutely crucial for an animation vocal artist to have a wide range of voices. Often when voice artists are hired for an animation, they are asked to do voice overs for other characters as well. This is why it is important to develop a very wide vocal range and have to ability to voice many different characters. This takes practice – and lots of skill. So, practice and develop both your character development and vocal skills.

2. Research Your Character

To land a role, you have to research your character. Get to know your character. Become your character. Landing an animation gig requires a lot more than just a great voice. You have to be creative. Think about the character and all their mannerisms, expressions, and vocal ranges. Find out what makes your character unique, and bring this into your audition.

There is a lot more to a character than his or her voice. Doing animation for a character involves really getting to know who the character is. By getting to know your character, you can really bring them to life while honing and improving your voice skills at the same time.

3. Build up a Demo Reel

Create a demo reel showcasing your vocal work. This is something that voice artists should never overlook. The more you build up your demo reel, and the more experience you get, the more you will learn and get to practice your skills. Anything that goes towards a portfolio will help. As you build up your portfolio you will also get to know more people in the industry. Eventually, finding (and landing) a gig will get easier. – The Worlds #1 Voice Over Resource

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