Remodeling a kitchen can be a daunting task, and a lot of people may not even know where to begin. Before starting, you should always do your research, talk to friends who have had their kitchen renovated, or read some online blogs and articles. They can help you get your bearings for what’s about to come. It is important to keep in mind that remodeling your kitchen is an expensive undertaking, so you must make sure that you’re going to love the outcome.

When it comes to the design of your new kitchen, you should review upcoming trends, and look for newer styles and ideas that you like. If you base your new kitchen off old models that you like, you may inadvertently devalue the renovation by going with a dated style. This will take away any additional value that a renovation adds to your house as any new home owner may feel they already need to redo the kitchen. Focus on newer styles and up-and-coming trends that you like to maximize your investment.

So what trends should be paying attention to, and what are going to be the hottest kitchen style for 2019? We’ve listed out top picks below for you.

Say Bye to Granite

Granite counter tops have been a staple of high-end kitchens since the 90’s. Their popularity has been dwindling over the past few years in leu of other choices, like quartz and polished concrete.

White Kitchens are Out

There is a classy appeal to a clean, white kitchen, but it can also look cold. People are trending towards warmer looks and turning away from white.

Moodier Tones

As people move away from bright white kitchens, earthier tones are becoming more popular. These can provide a much richer look that is more sophisticated.

Matte Finishes

The smooth, slick look of a matte finish has been picking up over past few years and will continue to be a trend into 2019. Matte cabinetry and appliances are attractive, and ultimately easier to maintain.

Kitchens with Darker Tones

Along with the moodier tone trend, we’re seeing more high-end kitchen renovations being done with darker base colours coupled with earthy undertones. This provides a finish that is a bit harder to pull off but looks elegant when done right.

Spanish Tile Finishes

Again, fitting in with the earthier undertones, the resurgence of Spanish tiles comes back in as people move away from clod, white looks to more colourful and vibrant designs. Spanish and Moroccan tiles have been coming back in a big way and provide intricate patterns and can really make your backsplash pop.

Push for Hygge

The cozy Danish concept of Hygge has been catching on and is creating a new inspired kitchen design. People want a kitchen that is a place to relax and enjoy company and cooking.

Minimalist Design

Decluttered, clean, and organized should always be in style. Removing molding and heavy finishes and using clean lines can give a more contemporary look that is style.