When you have a water issue or a plumbing issue, you may not always be sure when to call an emergency plumber. While flooding is typically the main reason you may want to call an emergency plumber, there are other plumbing issues that can occur that require emergency assistance too – and if you wait too long to call help during these situations, you may be facing costly damage to your home. This is why it is extremely important to know when you may be facing an emergency situation.

Remember, your home doesn’t necessarily need to be flooded for it to be considered an emergency.  By understanding what calls for an emergency situation, you can save yourself a lot of damage and money. 

Here are 4 reasons you should call an emergency plumber

1. Flooding

Perhaps the most obvious sign that you need to call an emergency plumber is when there is flooding in your home. Flooding can happen for a  number of reasons and in many different places in your home. If any part of your home is underwater, you should always consider it an emergency. If flooding isn’t resolved immediately, it could cause very expensive water damage down the road.

2. Frozen Pipes

When wintertime comes and freezing temperatures hit, it is possible for water inside of the pipes that are outside of our homes to freeze. When pipes are frozen, it is possible for them to burst due to expansion. This can cause water to stop flowing to your home, which can cause your toilet to stop flushing and your water to stop running. Do not try to thaw pipes yourself. This could result in even more damage. When this happens, you need to call an emergency plumber immediately.

3. Burst Pipe

Burst pipes are often the causes for flooding. Whether you are experiencing any flooding or not, any type of burst pipe does require an emergency plumber. Burst pipes not only cause flooding, but they can also cause damage to your home and the possessions in your home. 

4. Overflowed Toilet

While clogged toilets don’t require an emergency plumber, overflowing toilets do. These are potentially very messy situations, and should always be taken care of as soon as possible. 

While many overflowing toilets can be caused by simple issues, they could also be a result of a major plumbing issue. It is always best to call an emergency plumber to avoid any possible problems down the road.

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