Look, we get it: it’s easy to forget about getting your carpets cleaned. After all, if you vacuum them every couple of days and spot clean occasionally when necessary, you might look at your carpets and think: they look clean, so they must be clean.

Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. And what you may not realize when you’re cleaning the surface of your carpets is that it’s just that: surface cleaning. You’ve scratched the surface. But beneath it there’s still a whole world of built-up gunk, grime, and caked-on dirt that needs cleaning.

And getting rid of that build-up is not only going to give you greater peace of mind, but also helpa healthier, fresher environment. Here are five reasons to get a professional carpet cleaner to help regularly restore your carpets.

Getting a deep-clean for your carpets is vital not only for your peace of mind, but also for creating a healthier environment. It can even save you some money! Here are our four reasons why to get a regular professional carpet cleaning service:

1.    It makes your carpets last longer

Regular professional-level carpet cleaning can prevent your carpets from wearing out. Over time, sand, salt, and other particles brought into your house can get trapped in your carpet, eroding its fibres. Consequently, your carpets can start to lose their vibrancy and plush softness, instead turning flat and worn out and feeling hard and crunchy. Nylon carpets are particularly good at hiding dirt—until they become too filthy and damaged to function, that is.

Regular cleaning can also prevent gradual imperfections, blemishes, or warping from developing on your carpet. If you’ve ever experienced tough browning or staining, you know how hard it can be to get out on your own. Or if you’ve ever fallen victim to the “roller coaster effect”—where your carpet’s gotten so warped that it develops roller-coaster ripples in it—it may be time to consider calling the professionals.

2.    It keeps your home smelling fresh and feeling clean

Have you ever walked into someone’s place and not necessarily seen dirt, but still felt like the place was dirty? While the contaminants embedded in a carpet may not be immediately visible, they are certainly perceptible and can create this overall impression of uncleanliness.

By getting your carpets cleaned, you can help maintain your home’s clean feeling. Additionally, carpet cleaning can get rid of undesirable odours and improve the smell of not just your carpets, but your entire place.

3.    It prevents illness and the spread of contaminants

Particles trapped in the fibres of your carpet can contribute not only to unpleasant sights and smells, but also to the spread of contaminants and potential illnesses. An unclean carpet can trap pollutants and allergens, and is a potential breeding ground for bacteria as well as parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites. Especially if you have pets, allergies, children or anyone with a weakened immune system living with you, it is vital to get your carpets cleaned regularly to prevent potential ailments from wreaking havoc on your household.

4.    It saves you money in the long-term

Ultimately, having your carpets cleaned regularly will keep them lasting longer. What’s more, it will reduce the chances that your carpets will need either a repair or deep clean from warps and stains, which would cost far more to fix in the long run.

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